It's Never too late to protect your eyes

Join our community of health enthusiasts as we aim to alleviate symptoms of digital eye strain through enhanced lens technology, by filtering out blue light. Our range of blue light glasses specialise in protecting you during this new generation of screens and technology.  

We are proud to introduce our Eco Friendly collection "Whisky"

What's Blue Light?

Blue light is a harmful ray of light transposed from our daily life computers and phones. Unfortunately blue light surrounds us and is having harmful effects on our health and our way of life. 

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About Us

In this current climate, where we spend most of our time working and getting entertained through our screens, NOW is the time to start taking more care of our eyes. 

Our goal at Bluglare is to give everyone the opportunity to become a healthier and happier person through the removal of this destructive blue light emitting from devices .

We don't want you to sacrifice style for function.

We at Bluglare, based in Australia, have been working hard to achieve our mission and we encourage anyone struggling with symptoms of eye strain, headaches and sleep deprivation  to seek out a pair of  our blue light glasses before it has a permanent negative effect on your health.

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