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An Introduction

An Introduction

Hi, My name is Michael and this is my first blog post of many to come. As my first blog post I really wanted to pinpoint the key topic of what we are doing at bluglare. But what does that mean? Does that mean I write about everything we are doing right now?! Do I write about all the glasses? Will I run out of things to write about?! I’m not sure, and that’s okay. I think the best way to start of this series is to start from the beginning of everything and keep it as simple as I can. To me, what I consider the beginning of this company is Blue light itself.


Blue light has been with us on earth since the Dinosaurs and will stay with us through all our lives. Blue light comes from the sun and it is a key factor of light that keeps us awake as it prevents the supplement of melatonin from our brain. However, As well as coming from the sun it also comes from our phones, computers, iPad’s, tv’s, and all our electrical screens and this is not a positive matter.


Like I said it prevents us from falling asleep, so how many of you spend hours on your phone before bed then struggle to sleep? I know for a fact that I did. I use to spend hours after I turn my phone of aching to get to sleep, it’s one of the worst feelings. I’m not saying that these glasses will make you fall asleep instantly. I will sometimes still struggle to get to sleep if I have an important day to come; Job interview, first day of school, first date, CHRISTMAS! Yet, these nights are few. I bought my first pair of blue light glasses two years ago when they were just being introduced. I now use them all the time when I am at home and now I sometimes wear them out to suit my outfit and style. Although relatively cheeky, it’s nice to rock a stylish pair of glasses to give of that sophisticated look once in a while. Before I go on and on, I think I need to leave some writing for future Michael. I just want to say a quick thank you to those who have read this far and I am excited to begin these writings as often as I can.

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