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Don't Harm your Eyes

Don't Harm your Eyes

We live in a world driven by our phones. We spend hours on them each day.  Scrolling, Connecting, Playing. This blog will be aimed to further raise awareness of the damages that the light coming from our phones are causing. In matter of fact, according to Independent UK,  “50% of the population could be short sighted by 2050”. This is a major underlying issue within our society and we are doing nothing about it. Why do you think the number of people needing glasses is increasing??

I’ll tell you why. All the time we spend on our phones and computers with out blue light glasses we are contributing to this prediction. If the threat of losing you eyesight for your future isn’t scaring you, then feel free to click off. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms; Headaches, Blurry Vision, strained vision, eye soreness, Migraines, sleep issues, you may be dealing with the damaging effects of blue light head on. If you aren’t, that doesn’t mean you are free from blue light. In moderation, Blue Light can have healthy effects as it keeps us awake during the day. But if you are on your phone constantly, watching Tv, on your computer, then the effects of blue light will be anything but healthy. Living in a world where we are showered in blue light, we must protect ourselves.

The main reason that Bluglare became to be, is due to the fact of our parents poor eyesight. In only recent time, there eyesight has become extremely poor. If this business can help people protect their eyesight for the future then we can be happy with our achievements. Our aim is to raise as much awareness for blue light as we can and be able to supply some stylish designs that make wearing glasses less of a hassle.

Please help spread the awareness of Blue light and the Damaging effects it will cause to you in the present and the future to come. DON’T HARM YOUR OWN EYES!!!

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