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The Issue with Blue Light

The Issue with Blue Light

You know that feeling you get through your eyes when you spend up to 2 hours watching tv or working on your computer? Your eyes feel tired and ache when they are open. This is one of the dangerous and annoying effects of Blue Light, And blue light surrounds us. Through this blog post I aim to create a foundation of what blue light is, the effects it has on our lives and the way we can best prevent it from interrupting our life.


As you are reading this right now you are being exposed to blue light, it is being projected from whatever screen you are using straight into your eyes, and that’s okay. It is okay to be exposed to blue light for a short period of time, it keeps us awake and the right amount can be healthy. After all it originates from the sun and is a main source of keeping us awake through the day as it prevents the release of Melatonin in the brain (Melatonin is a chemical reaction in our brain that is released when we are ready to sleep and helps us fall asleep). With this being said, What happens when we are exposed to blue light when we are trying to sleep. To be Frank, it keeps us awake. So when I tell you your phone is radiating blue light every single use and you spend hours on it before bed scrolling through Instagram and then struggle to get to sleep, the dots begin to connect. I was once in this position. I would spend my night on my phone then spend up to an hour trying to get to sleep. I hated it. I can clearly remember my grandma saying “Michael put your phone away before bed it stops you sleeping.” And I just didn’t believe her…. My 80 year old grandma knew about the effects of blue light and I had no flipping clue what the issue was. That’s why this company was started.


At Bluglare we want to help as many people as we can to understand what blue light is and how we can protect ourselves. And, how can we protect ourselves? Well there are a 2 ways. The first way is to eliminate the use of screens before you fall asleep, but this is a huge sacrifice for our day and age. The second way to eliminate the light is through blue light glasses. Blue light glasses are manufactured to stop any blue light from entering your system. If you were to wear these whilst scrolling at night you would maintain the supplement of melatonin through your brain and hopefully fall asleep with ease. Personally, I couldn’t stop using my phone at night, it was too challenging. I am busy during the day and need to maintain my social life over the phone at night, watch YouTube and just keep my brain entertained through hours of Tik tok. So I went for some glasses and I use them every night now and can thankfully say that I fall asleep a lot quicker. Now I’m not saying that these glasses will make u fall asleep instantaneously but they definitely helped me out.

Thank you for reading through and I will see you in the next blog post.

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