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Tips for Black Friday

Tips for Black Friday

Today I wanted to express some thoughts and tips on Black Friday that is slowly creeping up on us. Black Friday comes around yearly and is a huge time for all businesses across the world. We see some amazing legitimate sales and unfortunate some not so legitimate sales. A key aspect of this blog will be utilised as a warning to be careful for scam sales.


Scam sales are seen when company’s create a fake previous price to make it seem as if they are actually on sale. To make it clear I will put it in a scenario. A company has a product selling at $99.95 all year round and then when black Friday rolls around they may change that price to $150 and then show a sale price of $99.95. Although not illegal, I would consider it very unethical and are destroying the trust of their own customers. To avoid these scams, I suggest that days prior to the sales you go to the products that you are hoping to catch on sale and note their price down. This way you can check to see if they change their original; price at all to make the sale look larger than it is.

Some Tips on Buying on Black Friday:

  • Score early deals by checking for sales days prior to black Friday.
  • Try to shop from home (Online), this way you can scan between products and stores quickly and you are saving a great hassle for store employees.
  • Look out for scam sales
  • Try use discount codes that the company usually use, they might still have them available and if so, you will score a great deal.
  • Sign up for emails prior to black Friday to keep up to date.


Now that I have addressed the issue of scam sales, I want to discuss how our team dealt with black Friday this year. As a small and upcoming business, it can be very hard for our sales to compete with other companies sales and their marketing strategies. Therefore, we decided to put forth our black Friday sales for a week in advance. If you are reading this now, our sales are live.  By doing so, we can achieve a wide range of customers through advertising before the larger companies over take our adverts. We also really wanted customers to be wowed by our sales, so we have gone fore some large 50% deals with all of our products having a discount of some sort. Now is a perfect time to protect your eyes.

Thank you for reading through todays post. Hope to see you soon,




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