Message from the Team

Dear Customers,

My name is Michael Byrne, BluGlare has been an aspiration of mine for a long time and over the last couple years the team and I have been working hard to achieve a friendly interface that offers the ability to benefit ones life. I've witnessed the damages of blue light first hand as my dad has gone his entire life struggling with headaches, sleep deprivation and eye strain and now faces the consequences of these symptoms with impaired eyesight restricting his ability to do work. If I can help someone relieve themselves from these symptoms and help them in the long term then it has all been worth it. I have been wearing blue light glasses for a long period of time now and I feel happier and healthier than ever before. I would like to take this time to acknowledge and thank the hard work of everyone in our team, from the manufactures, creative team, distributors, finance specialists and my dad for aspiring me along this path. I wish everyone to benefit from blue light glasses and am excited for the continued growth of BluGlare.

Thanks for reading,